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Dany Comaro Ft.CS-Jay - Impetus Viscus

We are proud to say that Freisig Media has release this track on our own label "FreisigMedia Records"



Freisig&Comaro - Wnat U 2Nite

Our first own single from the buttom. Henrik Launbjerg on vocal

Label: FreisigMedia Records



Lars Freisig & Dany Comaro

Copenhagen Denmark

Freisig media is an IT consulting and Music production & Recording facility.

IT consultancy are done on hourly basis primarily in and around Copenhagen but if needed includes the rest of Denmark and international as well.

We do general infrastructure in small business and private but our core speciality is setting up music studio's  IT infrastructure.


We also do support online for smaller issues on an hourly basis.​

Freisig Media studio are far from the claustrophobic confines typical of other studios, providing a unique and rewarding experience. 


We are conveniently located in the northern part of the Copenhagen area and are committed to quality productions.


Contact Freisig Media to start making beautiful sounds with the very best in the biz.

We also provide various training in music DAW's, mixing, music productions our studio facility.

Use the contact area for more info or look under "Book Online" at the top of the page.

Studio Services

Check out What We Offer

Freisig Media offers all the Recording Studio services you need— from recording vocal, instruments and mixing, to mastering, DJ services and Tutoring in music production.


Contact us to reserve time in our studio and start working with some of the very best recording professionals and producers in DK.

Consultency Services

Check out What We Offer

Freisig Media offers editing and clipping of all kinds of advertising videos. We can also make your music for it if you want us to help. So here you can have a full packet or half packet. Let us make the video or make it all for you.


Contact us and let us know if you are interested.


Create and capture your next sounds with experienced professionals and the latest recording technologies at Freisig Media. You’ll have your pick of equipment — everything from microphones to electronic mixing consoles. Contact us to set up a time for your Recording session today! The world of sound is at your fingertips.


Reserve your next Mastering session with us and get access to all of our state-of-the-art equipment, vintage gear and studio space.

Also if you have more than one track we can do a better price. Use the contact and write to us for more information.


We provide mixing of stem files. This can go from 2 stems to larger mix projects. We work in Logic Pro X, Pro Tools and Ableton Live. 

All mixes are delivered securely from own servers with secure links.

Video Editing / Clipping 

We can edit and clip your video material and also create small video teasers. Use the contact form and tell us a bit more about how you want it and what ideas you have

Music for your video

We can make your music for your video. So please let's us hear from you and what you have a ideers And we will make it for you

Covert Vinyls and re-master

We can now convert vinyls and re-master them for you. We use reference turntable with various stylus in MM and MC types.

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