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More than 14 years as a DJ

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Dany Comaro Biography

DJ for over 14 years. Own a mobil disco from 1994 to 2009 with 3 others guys. Playing to all kinds of party around Sjælland. Shut it down i 2009 and starts up as Dany Comaro for producing music. 

During his teen years he also played some records on Radio Noon, Lyngby Nærradio etc. This went on for almost 3 years.

Also played in a band called  PHATAMOGANA as a drummer from 1996 to 2010 when they stoped playing together. We plays all kinds of hits from 70`erne and up to 2000. Playing to weddings - Birthday and on deferents clubs.

If you go to Google and write Dany Comaro as a search word, there are really many pages to come. This is due in particular to Dany Comaro in 2011 starting to produce music after he missing the music  after closing down mobil disco and band.

It started with the the track called Min Indre Stemme project, which was very successful hit back in 2011 with Michael Rune and singer Nadia Gattas. Was lucky to get the parts and making a remix for release. That was the big push forward to me as a producer. BIG THAKS to Darwich for helping me and belive in me.


After the release there comes many other remix of different artist. Take a look at the remix list. 


In 2014  I meet Lars Freisig and we become fast friends and found out that our love to the music was the same. So in 2015 we began to make music together and now we have Freisig Media together and making music together under names Freisig & Comaro / JustTwo. Freisig Media is owned by Lars Freisig.


Still not making they first single together yet BUT its on the way. They are also making music for other artists. So if you looking god you will find our name on other tracks to.

In 2018 Freisig Media was making a track with Lars Chief One for the musical "Kærlighed Ved Første Hik" a old classic nummer called - Dieters Lieder - Dig & Mig.

New Material is on the way so keep in touch.

Dany Comaro

Mobil Discotheque "PartyZone Production"


  • Weddings 

  • Birthdays

  • Gymnasium and trade school parties

  • Charity arrangements

  • Own Shops for disco equipment

  • Weddings

  • Birthdays

  • Gymnasium and trade school parties

  • Club IN in Copenhagen

  • Club Australien Bar in Copenhagen 9 times

  • Club Bahia i Copenhagen  4 times

  • 40 years anniversary Brd.Olsen "Jørgen & Noller"

  • Playing 4 track with a Big Danish singer Erann DD

Band "Phatamogana" (Drummer)
Dany Comaro Remix List 2011 - 2018

  • Chief 1 feat. Thomas Buttenschøn - Alt Er godt

  • Software - Curiosity 

  • Michael Rune Ft.Nadia Gattas - Min Indre Stemme

  • Darwich ft.inez - Puls

  • Darwich ft.Anna David - Solstorm

  • Daze - Fool Me

  • Svenstrup & Vendelboe Ft.Camile Jones - Battlefield

  • Nadia Malm Ft.Svenstrup & Vendelboe - Hvor Er Du Nu 

  • Zindy - I´m Alive

  • Rasmussen - Higher Ground

  • Chriz Ft.Danielle - Boomerang

  • Adam Shelbaya - Dig Selv Igen 

  • DJ Layla feat. Dee-Dee - Single Lady

  • Dynamo - Fix You

  • Kelde Ft.Mona Lisa - Get on the Floor 

  • Hornung & Frederix feat. LauraLou & Scarwrist - Boys

  • Kaira - Besame

  • Juul&Oester Ft.Kalle Pimp - Gør Julen Mer' Fuld 

  • Kelde - One More Night

  • Scarwrist Ft.Chelle - Pleasure Seekers

  • Musikk JFMEE Ft.Endaxi -Sometimes

  • Michael Boe - Klubben Koger

  • Lynx & Pico - Just One Night

  • Ida Corr - Give It To Me

  • Benjamin Led & Nash Ft.Suriya - U&I

  • Sukkerfabrikken - Go Røv

  • Benjamin Led & Nash feat. Jin N Shawdy - Klap For Helvede 

  • Cargo - Pornstar

  • Benjamin Led Ft.Laura - Run Into the Night

  • Carl Man - Over You

  • Ellie Jokar Ft.Ajla - Shuff Lige Det Sneer

  • Kelde Ft.Mona Lisa - You Said

  • Volcore Ft.Love Daddy - Take it Slow

  • Frontload & Dragonfly - Subliminal 

  • Dennis Rud - Du Så Fucking Fræk

  • Tavo Feat.Amber Skyes - I Won`t Forget

  • m.m

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