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More than 25 years as a DJ

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Lars Freisig Biography

DJ for over 30 years. Has played the country thin from Copenhagen to Skagen.

Started to gig at weddings with his home stereo system using just a turntable and cassette player. This quickly turned into regular gigs and also other music businesses.

During his teen years he also did a lot of Radio on New FM, Uptown, Ballerup Nærradio etc. This went on for almost 10 years.

If you go to Google and write Freisig as a search word, there are really many pages to come. This is due in particular to Lars in 1999 starting to produce music.

It started with the Nagano Allstars project, which was very successful with both Push It To The Limit and Let Love Shine On. Then it became DJ Bailar Project with the hit Life is a Game and then he has made a sea of ​​remixes and produced for others. Here you can mention the dance orchestral, private, boy George, Rasmus Seebach, L.I.G.A., Emilie Esther, Anti Social Media, Shubidua, Kasper Winding, Svenstrup & Vendelboe, Alexander Brown, Kato, Nadia Gattas, Music, Aqua, Hardinger Band.

In 2010, he released his own single with Erann DD on vocals. A cover of the old Bob Marley song "Is This Love" and also began the collaboration with both Stefan Hansen (Steffwell) & Dany Comaro.

The since 2012 Lars have worked closely with Dany Comaro who also have become his business and music partner. Together they have the Projects Freisig/Comaro & JustTwo  and their own individual project which all is made inhouse at Freisig Media.

New Material is on the way and there are new exciting projects ranging from Musical Productions to Rock bands under the wings of Freisig Media Studio.


As a DJ Lars Freisig is a very versatile master who really understands music and loves it all the way to the bone. With Lars Freisig behind the rudder, the evening is definitely a good mix of new and old and music with atmosphere, party, colors and, not least, joy in life.

Also along this Lars is the company's IT Consultant with many various skills from small business systems to larger enterprise installations. He has worked with companies like Creative Labs, Infocare, Arcade Music, Scandinavian Records, Nokia, Carlsberg, API Maintenance Systems, Optiware and Aptean. Doing everything from Customer Support and Database problems to fixing hardware and setting up main storage systems all around Denmark. His knowledge spans across a lot of different areas which makes him the "go-to-guy" when things needs to be fixed and you want a solution that works.


  • Streckers Cafe Scala (CPH)

  • Streckers Cafe Vesterbrogade (CPH)

  • Skipperkroen (CPH)

  • Diskotek IN (CPH + Aarhus)

  • Penthouse (CPH)

  • Rosie McGees (CPH)

  • H9 (CPH)

  • Drunken Flamingo (CPH)

  • BAR 7 (CPH)

  • Mainstreet (Farum)

  • Picadilly (Hillerød)

  • Burbon Street (Stenløse)

  • Train (Århus)

  • XL-Club & Club Burn (Køge)

  • Exxos (Næstved)

  • Nattoget (Slagelse)

  • ...and many more...

  • Frederiksberg Centret

  • Køge Festival

  • Klampenborg Gallopbane

  • Pomp De Luxe

  • Utopia DJ School

  • DK German Shepherd Dog Show 2018

  • Gorrissen Federspiel

  • Metroen

  • TV3 Sport

  • Amager Centeret

  • Progressive

  • Microsoft Denmark

  • MC Production

  • SL Pro

  • Prime

  • i.e.

Private & Special Occasions

  • Weddings

  • Birthdays

  • Surprice

  • Dinner

  • Lounge

  • Special occasions

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